Alumni Night Out!

      B = Buffalos
      U = Uniting
      F = Faculty
      F = Friends
      A = Alumni
      L = Living Proof
      O = Orange & White

      On the 2nd Saturday of said months.
      Just a night out to eat,
      drink, relax, laugh and
      visit old friends.
      It's for anyone that went to French.
      even if you can't stay!
      drop by and say hello :-)
      Spouses are very welcome!

Come out & be part of the "HERD"!
It doesn't matter what year, or how long you attended FHS,
you are still part of the "herd", so come join us for a night of fun!
you don't have to eat, come have a drink and say hi, we have a wide range of classes that join us.

Please note, it's DUTCH....
you pay for what you eat and drink + tip!
Come join the FUN!

"please help me show gratitude to the restaurants for having a large group.
Tip our wait staff an extra dollar or two and thank them for having us there, it goes a long way in future visits :-)
Most of restaurants DON'T charge me for the reservations.
I also try to give them a little extra when I have for handling us so well..
thank you".

You were seen at one of our night outs!


2017 started out great, until I got the shingles in April. It has been a long hard road and as of today, Jan 2020, I am still dealing with Shingles Neuralgia. Carol stepped in to take over the night outs for me while I recover, and they continue to be a lot of fun. Several of the classes that came to the FHS night outs and branched out and started their own night nights. I hope they do well but still stop in to say hi once in a while.


2015 and '16 we visited some of the same restaurants. We did go to Vautrots, which we all enjoyed.


2014 was the first time we took off for Dec. but tired a few new places, including Boomtown BBQ, and French Quarters bar and Grill in Vidor!


2013 was awesome. We ate at, Black-eyed pea, Gaudalajara, Catfish Cabin, Fuddruckers, Tony's BBQ, Jasons . Visiting several of them several times.


2012 turned out to be another great year. The group was still growing, In Dec, we had a Christmas party and scavenger hunt at Catfish Kitchen. Then enjoyed, Chula Vista, JACKS, Sartins, Cattle Co.Mazios, and visted some of the same resturants the rest of the year.

------ Pat ------------------- James ----------------- Ed, Kay, Cheryl, and Kitty


2011 was off to a great start, we went to Chula Vista, Willy Rays, Mazzios, The Olive Garden, Cattle Co. Joe's Crab Shack, and Starvin marvins several times. The night outs were growing fast and we were seeing many faces form all different classes.


2010 saw the start to the FHS night outs! We went to the now closed Lonestar Steak house, Major league Gill ( not closed) Starvin Marvins, Catfish Kitchen, and Chula Vista. 2010 was a good start to something good!!
Dec. photos!
Nov. photos!
Oct. photos
August photos
July photos
Our first 2 Night Outs were in April and May 2010



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