"Gonna build me a castle of Orange and White,
Gonna throw me a party every night!
With diamonds inlaid all over the floor, and French High all over the door!
Gonna marry me a guy from French High School, a football playing sort-of -a guy.
Gonna entertain royalty every night, in my castle painted Orange and White!!

-------------------------- 1938 --------------------------------------- 1944 ----------------------------------------- 1947 ------------------------

Before there were the Belles, they were called the MAIDS!
Looking in the year book, the earliest I saw the "Maids" were in 1938.
And what year did they become the "Belles"?
Was 1952 the first year of the Belles?

[ I'm sorry this picture isn't better, but was scanned off a newspaper ]
It says: 12 of the 21 Buffalo Belles are pictures in their NEW UNIFORMS!

Buffalo Belles 1956

1961 - '62 Belles ...thank you Jerry Henderson for the pictures

We are the Belles. We wear our hair in tails. We wear our dungarees, way up to our knees. We wear our fathers t-shirts. We wear our brothers ties. And when we kiss the boys, we really hypnotize, Ta-ra-ra-boom-te-a! Have you had yours today? I had mine yesterday, Ta-ra-ra-boom-te-a. We step high in our boots. We're proud of our own suits. And when the long fringe flies, it really hits the eyes!! Ta-ra-ra-boom-te-a. We did our drill today.
We learned it yesterday, Ta-ra-ra-boom-te-a!

A few of the Belles from the '60's ( maybe '64 *lol* )

1965 Buffalo Belles

Raise your voices, raise them high.
Sing to the Belles and here's why.
Look to the Belles and you'll find.
We have the greatest teamwork,
working with our band.
And we are the Buffalo Belles,
the best team in the land.
We are up and coming, progressive, kind and strong.
And to our own Belles, we proudly sing this song!!

1966 - '67 Belles ... thank you Trisha Allbritton Crabb for the pictures
Click here to see more '67 Belles Pictures

We are the Buffalo Bells are we
We never loose our pepability.
We do our best to help all the rest.
We are the Buffalo Belles
Ta-he. Ta-ha, Ta- ha-he-ha
Buffalo Belles, Rah -Rah- Rah!

Belles 1972

'74 - '75 Officers - Photo send in by: Peyton Mullins

snagged this one off Facebook 1976 - '77:-)

Belles have a new look for 1980

The Belle's Song that we sang from at least 79-83 was:
(sent in by: Rhonda O'Neill)

I抦 a Belle, I抦 a Belle, I抦 a Buffalo Belle
And I抦 proud of the fact, and I抣l tell you why?BR> We抮e the best on the field,
All the others will agree.
Say no more, it抯 Belles for me!
Orange and White girls ?that抯 US!

'80 - '81 Belles

'83 - '84 Belles - thank you Juno

1984 Belles

And our last class of 1986!

NEW! NEW! Photos from Juno Mulder Bishop '67 - Facebook page
Juno was a sponsor for 5 years & a Belle for 3!

If you have any pictures you would like to see on this page,
email them to:beth@www.museumsinhoustontx.com - with the subject "Belles". Make sure they are .jpg or .gif format!

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